Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Composer, But never Composed

I'm about to pull my fucking hair out with this artist that I'm working with. A Note to artists, if your Trusty Producer puts autotune on your voice, IT'S BECAUSE YOU FUCKING NEED IT!! Rawr.

Anyways, How are you fine fellows and gals?

I've been busy at work with several pop artists (some who have enough clout to make me sign a confidentiality statement), and business is pretty good. I have some new music for you fine folks, and I REALLY need Your input on the song. It's called "We're Done" by Chris Rivera featuring P.A., writeen, produced, and mixed by yours truly (AND YES, that's a Demi Lovato sample):

Now, I've never really been anti-auto tune, though I dont feel I over indulge on it if not needed. Kainos doesn't need this tool. This guy, however should swear by it right now. It has crossed my mind to put up the non autotuned version, but that's like making a dress that purposely makes a Girl look fat; it helps no one.

I'm working on a few new things, so this post will be brief. I just wanted to check in and say howdy.

Till the morrow.


Friday, November 6, 2009

I can almost see the wizard through the curtain

Regarding the title of this post, sometimes I feel that working on this side of the music industry feel exactly like that, especially working with brand new artists who are wet behind the ear that don't really know the way things are run. There are so many misconceptions about the business that stun most people just entering it. One is that the growing realization that signing with a major label isn't the only way to get in the door anymore, nor is it even the best thing for an artist thats just starting off. Another is the reality of studio recording; Alot of people bug out when I show them the reality of their favorite Pop singer's ACTUAL vocal talent. Sometimes it's so jarring that it makes the artist second guess their endeavors, which kinda bums me out, since that was never my intention. I simply feel that it is necessary to show the truth to them before they embark on this difficult, yet well worth it journey of becoming a recording artist.

For those of you not in the know, I usually name my posts from lines in songs. Guess the song, post it as a comment to this post, and get a free download from one of my many upcoming projects. Try not to google it to guess it, but if you do, it's not like I'm gonna find out...

I've been hard at work making sure Terry, Brian and I (we are down one partner due to certain events that shall remain off the digital page) secure the studio space within the next two weeks, hopefully less. We also have two investors on the line, but we're only going to need one, if that. I hope I don't find some way to cock this up. I'm good at that.

Kainos and I have been working on original Material that sound amazing. Check it out. This is Called 'Far Away'.

It's not complete, as we still need to complete the bridge, but thats the basic gist of it.

I've been working with Precyse at an alarming degree, so much so that I wonder if I should even post what I have up here, as that is roughly a whole EP's worth of shit, completed in the past week alone. What I CAN put up, however are several songs we already put up elsewhere, showcase the fact that he really DIGS it when I sample indie acoustic and pop music, as opposed to obscure soul, like most rappers.

Big World, Small Man (Sample Source : Owl City - Fireflies)

Laughing at God (Sample Source : Regina Specktor - Laughing at God)

Burning Room ft. Young Fantastik ( Sample Source : John Mayer - Slow Dancing in a Burning Room)

UnPopular (Sample Source: Wicked, the Musical - Popular)

That Being Said, Be prepared to hear some more sampled fare featuring the likes of: Lights, Paramore, Ingrid Michealson, Allison Weiss, Matt Nathanson and more. I just finished a Meg and Dia one as I wrote this post.

I hate being as busy as I am, seeing as this is the SECOND longform post on this blog, and it's taken me around a month to write it. I sincerely apologize. I doubt anyone is checking out the blog at this point, so I doubt it matters. Still, Sorry.

You gotta love the internet. You just gotta. I mean, you're on it as of right now, reading this sacrilege , so you MUST love the internet, or at least have a love/hate relationship with it. In my old longform blog, as well as in my new tumblog, which is simply a sporadic-stream-of-shit version of this blog, I like to post things that I find mildly amusing to piss my pants hilarious, all of which I found on the beloved internet (which I am currently pronouncing as 'beluvd' , as opposed to 'belove-ed' . What reason, you ask? Fuck you, that's why.) Here are some of those things:

I used to frequent this site VERY often, but alas, work has been been taking a front seat to EVERYTHING lately. Nevertheless, this is the VERY entertaining site of Actress-turned-Producer Hillarie Burton, along with her partners-in-crime Kelley Tenney, Nicolas Gray and sometimes -y esque counterpart Austin Nichols. Follow them as they take ideas and realized them, one metaphor magic act at a time. Also, follow their Flagship Music Artist Bibis as she releases her debut projects.


Smodcast is a podcast with Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier, filmmakers extrordinare. And it is FUCKING hilarious. So, when somebody decides to animated the audio fiesta, hilarity can only ensue. Watch, and laugh your ass off...

Stream of Consciousness.
I love her musings, almost as much as I love her as a person. Anne is a person I've known for sometime, the circumstances under which I wish were different, though would not change (We wouldnt be as good friends as we are now, and time and space might fold into each other if I try). She is SO good at scribing the written word, and I love reading her stuff. If you like good writing, take a gander. Trust Me, you'll relate more than you think you will.

Well, thats all for now, folks. I wish I had more, but I'm so busy with things that I will elaborate in the next post, that I have yet to lay my head down. Sleep Calls...

Till the Morrow.


Friday, September 4, 2009

...And Promise not to Promise Anymore

And So It Goes,
this Soldiers knows,
A Battle with the heart
isnt easily Won.
-Ingrid Michaelson

Ahh, Longform. I've missed it. If you haven't read any of my longform blogs, then hello there. If you have, then I hope you've missed it too. Lord knows that I've been busy enough to warrent some vent time, so damnit, I'm going to use it.

To the uninitiated, call me Ge. I'm twenty two, usually located in the LA area, but for now, find myself elsewhere. I like Movies, Comics, Books, Poetry, and almost everything, except for music. I don't like music. I LOVE music, am IN love with music, and live, breathe, and blled it. I understand that many a folk may say this, and they usually say this to either appear more artsy that they actually are, or to seem passionate about something they only like, because, let's face it; the majority of people saying things of the sort are yet to leave their secure little cacoons and still relate high school with the real world. I understand that high school IS life as you know it, but mark my words: The moment you leave will be the moment you begin to miss it, and that feeling will haunt you and follow you for the remainder of your years, wishing that everything was as simple as it was is high school. No, I say it because it is not only my profession, it's my true passion. I actually get paid to do this, and not a day goes by that I thank my lucky fucking stars that I was actually foolish enough to persue a dream without an inkling of a safety net, and I succeeded. Of at least succeeded to the degree that I do everything that I love, get paid for it, and am not remotly broke, by ANY stretch of the imagination. I'm not one of those "holy shit, I just bought a fucking jet" rich cats, but I'm not broke, which is always good when you have a job in the arts. I'm a music producer, a songwriter, and an audio engineer, and I really dislike when I get asked what type of genre I specialize in. I know it's a pretty straightforward question, so I'll give a straight answer this once; I'm not so much a specialist in one genre, but pretty decent in most genres. I've worked in everal, and gotten pretty good at them. Pop, R*B, Hiphop, Pop Rock, Electronica.... I've done plenty of genres, and I love every single one of them. I hate the question "What's your favorite song" becuase it's too broad. Anyways, Hello. Nice to meet you.


I've been MAD busy, re-locating, and RE-relocating. Music is perhaps my only constant, since it's my job AND my recreation, as well as one of my many forms of expression. I've actually resorted to the longform in an effort to battle the current writer's block that I'm plagued with. for some reason, I can only write prose, or short/longform blogss and blurbs right now. go fucking figure. I'm trying though. Hopefully this steady diet of Jay-z's latest CD and the New Ms. Michaelson should inspire me to jot a thing or two some. Awh.

New Perspective

Speaking of Music, I am now a part of C.H.E.F. Music, which stands for Creativity is Heard, Emotion is Felt. It's the brainchild of my associate Terry (whom I would call a friend, but to be quite honest, he's my business partner first, my friend second). I have a very good feeling about this, and he's already proved to be quite lucrative. Along with him, I am one of four other people who are equal partners in this company. While I am separated from them, I am still dilligent in holding my own and doing my part, so that when the need of monatary particication is nessesary, I can step up to the plate.

He(a)r (Us)

In the Less business aspect of it, I have been surrounding myself with some new talent, as well as refine some of the talent I am already working with. First with the people you may know (Or not), Kainos has REALLY come into her own. She's been actually getting alot of singing jobs, which is great. She is SO close to recording her first release. I am honestly truly proud of her. For those of you who don't know her, get aquainted with her:

Hello To Mr. Invisible

Precyse is New to the stable of Artist that I normally work with. He's a hard working artist hailing from the Bronx. We recently Pushed out an EP together. I'm Excited to be working with him.


I'm going to cut this post right here, seeing as I've started it on the fourth of September, and I'm only finishing it now... Sad, really...

Till the morrow....